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Welcome to our exclusive collection of Barcelona chairs, where your style meets sophistication. Our Barcelona chairs are expertly designed classic chairs to reflect the original masterpiece's timeless beauty and distinctive style.

Whether if you're searching for original Barcelona chairs or an expertly crafted replica chairs, we have covered our collection according to your desires. Our Barcelona replica chairs are an affordable alternative to the original designs by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich, with the same level of attention to detail. We are proud to serve our customers all over Europe with our exquisite Barcelona chairs collection. So, you can immediately add a little luxury to your house or place of business with our reliable and speedy shipping alternatives.

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Does the Barcelona style chair have enough comfort?

The Barcelona style chair, created by Lilly Reich and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, is well-known for its streamlined form and striking look. Its sleek design and structure make it comfortable. But the comfortability level may vary from person to person because everyone has different tastes. To find out if it fits your comfort level, it is advised to try sitting in one yourself.

What makes the Barcelona chair famous?

The Barcelona Chair and its matching stool were considered contemporary thrones. The curule chair, a folding seat with curving legs and no back that was created in ancient Rome and was used for high-ranking government officials, is said to have served as the model for the frame's fundamental scissor form.

Why can the Barcelona chair with an ottoman be regarded as a classic design?

The first design was inspired by the folding chairs of Egyptian Pharaohs and was intended at an educated and critical audience. It was intended for seat the King and Queen of Spain if they visited the German Pavilion during the exposition. Since its debut, it has been considered as a design classic and symbol.