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EA217 Leather Office Chairs with Soft Pad and Low Back

EA217 Leather Office Chairs with Soft Pad and Low Back

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Discover the Ultimate Comfort with Soft pad and Low Back EA217 Leather Office Chairs 

In today's workplace setting when it comes to choosing the right office furniture is essential to give comfort all day. Furniture Rupee offers a wide range of the EA217 Office Chairs with soft pads and low back. These chairs are elegant and comfortable office furniture. we designed this EA217 office chair to meet these specifications by combining premium materials with design features that give it an excellent choice for both residential and workplace use. The EA217 Office Chair is known as one of the excellent office chairs on the market today, and how it can change your workstation into a paradise of efficiency and style. 

Overview of EA217 Office Chairs  

Our EA217 Office Chairs with soft pads and low back are an ideal combination of elegance, comfort, and utility. We manufacture our chairs with high-quality material that offers you a touch of elegance. The EA217 office chair has an elegant look with a sturdy aluminum frame that has been chromed and hand-buffed assuring both durability and looks. The real soft leather fabric is expertly made into a stunning cushioned pattern, adding low-back sumptuous comfort and elegance to any workstation. The adjustable features and sleek design make these EA217 office chairs an iconic piece of furniture that increases both efficiency and comfort in any office setting. 

Design and Specifications

The EA217 Office Chairs are meticulously designed with the following specifications:

  • Armrest Height: 27 cm
  • Armrest length: 37 cm
  • Height Arms: 70-79 cm
  • Height back:  94-103 cm
  • Seat height: 48-57 cm
  • Width (Seating): 53 cm
  • Depth (Seating): 48 cm

Features and Benefits

  • High-quality leather material: Our leather office chairs are made with high-quality leather that provides you durability and a luxurious touch,
  • Versatility in use: Our office leather chairs are excellent for both home and workplace use, making them a comfortable choice for every setting.
  • Aesthetic appeal: Our leather office chairs are available in different colour options to match any decor that provide you an aesthetic appeal.

Available Colours and Material 

Our ea217 office chairs are available in six different colours grey leather office chair, brown leather office chair, white leather office chair, tan leather office chair, and Camel Leather Office Chair you can choose from according to your choice: 

Black Leather Office Chair 

The black leather office chair with soft pads and low back provides you with a sophisticated touch that makes it an excellent choice for offices and professional workplaces. Its elegant, classic style complements any decor, bringing a touch of luxury to your workstation. The deep black leather looks attractive and is extremely durable, ensuring that your chair retains its perfect complement to your sitting experience.  

Brown Leather Office Chair 

Our brown leather office chair with soft pads and low-back adds warmth and a traditional vibe to any workplace area. Its deep, rich tones provide a welcoming cosy setting, which makes it ideal for workplaces inviting feel is essential. The brown leather's natural elegance complements any decor, while the high-quality material of our leather home office chair ensures long-lasting comfort and durability. The brown leather office chair is a classic piece that will give character and charm to your desk. 

Tan brown Leather Office Chair 

Our tan leather office chairs with soft pads and low back attractive and sophisticated design make it ideal for modern or traditional office settings. The soft, earthy tones of the tan leather provide a new and stylish style that stands out in any room. This chair's design is both beautiful and functional, with the same high-quality materials and ergonomic features as other EA217 models. We designed our office leather chairs with high-quality material that provides durability and comfort during long working hours. Our tan leather office chair adds a touch of sophistication to any decor.

White Leather Office Chair 

The white leather office chair with soft pads and low back has an elegant sleek design, making it ideal for modern office spaces. Its clean white leather material creates freshness and modernism, producing a light and airy environment in any room. The chair's innovative design, designed with high-quality materials, provides both comfort and durability. The white leather office chair is an attractive chair that complements the whole look and vibe of the workspace, making it ideal for sleek and modern office settings. 

Grey Leather Office Chair 

Our grey leather office chair with soft pads and low back is a versatile and neutral-colored chair that you can pair with a variety of home themes. Its sleek design gives a contemporary appeal making it ideal for both commercial and home office environments. Grey leather provides a modest yet classy style, keeping your workstation trendy and sophisticated. With its ergonomic shape and excellent materials, the grey leather office chair offers the ideal addition of comfort and visual appeal. 

Camel Leather Office Chair 

The camel leather office chair with soft pads and low back adds sophistication and freshness with its warm and welcoming colours. The rich, caramel-colored camel leather provides a unique look to any workplace area, making it an excellent choice for individuals wanting to make an impression. The chair's high-quality materials and detailed manufacturing make it both luxurious and comfortable. The camel leather office chair is a one-of-a-kind and wonderful addition to any desk, perfect for creating a trendy and friendly atmosphere. 

Care and Maintenance

Here are some tips for maintaining leather home office chairs in good condition:

  • Regular Dusting
  • Cleaning
  • Conditioning
  • Avoid Direct Sunlight
  • Regular Vacuuming
  • Spot Cleaning
  • General Care
  • Regular Inspections
  • Avoid Harsh Chemicals
  • Proper Usage 

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FAQ Section:

What makes the EA217 office chair unique?

The high-quality leather material and the sleek design of the EA217 office chair make this unique office leather chair.

What color options are available for the EA217 office chair?

Our EA217 office chairs are available in six different colours black, brown, tan, white, grey, and camel leather, you can choose from these colour variants.

Is the EA217 office chair suitable for home use?

Yes, you can utilize our EA217 office chair for both home and office settings to add a touch of elegance to your space.

Is the EA217 office chair good for back pain?

Yes, our EA217 office chair is the best office chair for back pain that supports your back and improves your body posture.