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Lounge Chairs

Lounge Chairs Walnut & in Light rosewood

Lounge Chairs Walnut & in Light rosewood

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Lounge Chairs with Only Walnut Wood - Modern Comfort & Style 

When it comes to transforming your home or workplace lounge decor with an elegant touch and aesthetic feel. If you are looking to choose the right chair for your lounge area the Walnut wood Lounge chair is the perfect choice for your lounge setting. Our walnut wood leather lounge chairs offer you a contemporary and traditional touch to your living space.    

Overview of Lounge Chair 

Our lounge chairs have a sturdy walnut wood frame, that is known for its durability and timeless aesthetic appeal. Walnut wood is admired for its unique qualities and elegance. Our outdoor lounge chairs come in two different colours black lounge chairs with walnut wood & light rosewood, and brown leather lounge chairs, with only walnut wood. This natural variety in color and design gives walnut furniture a unique and refined appearance. The walnut wood mid-century lounge chairs are the perfect combo of versatility and comfortability. The high-quality leather makes these chairs perfect for long-term comfort. The natural wood colour adds a touch of sophistication to enhance the decor of your living space.

Dimensions :  

  • Chair: (W) 82 x (D) 82 x (H) 84 cm 
  • Seat Height: 42 cm 

Benefits of Outdoor Lounge Chairs  

Here are some benefits of our leather mid-century lounge chairs:

  • Comfort and Style: Our lounge chairs are designed to offer optimum relaxation while also bringing a touch of modern elegance to any space. The walnut wood frame complements a variety of interior themes, from contemporary to traditional, making it an ideal choice for any home or workplace.
  • Durability: The walnut wood offers you longevity and comfortability. Our leather lounge chair with a walnut wood frame offers you the durability and style that complement your space.
  • Versatility: Our mid-century lounge chairs are ideal for various interior settings, including living rooms, offices, and lounges. Their attractive design and comfortable seats make them perfect for both relaxation and style.

Available Colors

We offer our Lounge chairs in two different leather colours with two different woods. We offers Black colour lounge chairs in walnut wood and light rosewood, and in brown colour we offers just walnut wood.

Black Lounge Chairs with walnut wood & in Light rosewood  

Our black lounge chairs offer the highest level of sophistication and elegant design. We are made with high-quality leather on two separate bases. Furniture Rupee offers black finishes with two base options: walnut wood and light rosewood. These chairs give a clean and contemporary touch to any outdoor area. The deep black colour matches a wide range of outdoor décor types while light rosewood also adds a sense of elegance to the overall aesthetic. These chairs are intended to provide maximum comfort, durability, and weather resistance, making them ideal for spending a pleasant afternoon in your garden or balcony.  

Brown Leather Lounge Chairs with only walnut wood  

The brown leather lounge chairs add a warm and inviting atmosphere to your outdoor living space. These chairs, made with high-quality leather and walnut wood, give off a timeless appeal that works perfectly in both traditional and contemporary settings. The rich brown colour lends a natural and earthy feel, resulting in a cosy and pleasant atmosphere. These lounge chairs are not only visually appealing but also made resistant to the elements, ensuring longevity and beauty throughout time. 

Maintenance Tips for Walnut Wood Furniture  

To keep your walnut wood lounge chair in good condition and best, consider the following maintenance tips: 

  1. Regular Dusting: You should dust your chairs regularly with a soft, dry cloth to maintain your chairs in good condition.
  2. Avoid Direct Sunlight: You should avoid direct sunlight it saves cracking or fading from the sun's exposure.
  3. Cleaning: Clean with soft a damp cloth and avoid harsh chemicals that can damage to your chairs wooden.
  4. Polishing: To keep the chair's sparkle and protect its finish, apply a high-quality wood polish.

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You can enhance your space with our walnut wood lounge chair, which you can pair up with other furniture like lounge ottoman. We designed our mid-century lounge chairs with high-quality leather and wood that complement your space. You can style your room with our meticulously handmade collection designed to complement your home and office lounge space.   

FAQ Section:

What materials are used in your lounge chairs with walnut wood frames?

Our lounge chairs offer an excellent walnut wood frame with premium leather seating in black, brown, and light rosewood.

Are your lounge chairs suitable for outdoor use?

Yes, you can use this modern lounge chair indoors and outdoor use. But you should avoid direct sun exposure it may crack or fade the colour of the leather of your lounge chairs.

How do I clean and maintain the walnut wood and leather upholstery?

By regular dusting and cleaning maintain the walnut wood and leather of your modern lounge chairs.